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Inline Studio is a design company based in East London, South Africa. We specialize in website design, online marketing, Flash, animation, multimedia, corporate identity, advertising, branding and print media. Inline Studio is extremely customer orientated and works with companies both locally and Intenationally

We strive to enable businesses to perform better using our digital and design expertise. Whatever size of company you are or the sector you’re in, we can help you build increased business success by connecting you with your customers and key audiences, in traditional and new media.

Our aim is to help businesses create truly compelling communication, our mindset is practical and unpretentious. We just like to create great communications that work for you. That’s it, no fuss. We provide a range of support solutions for managing marketing communications on a day to day basis. By partnering with us we can help you improve your in-house capability to develop and deliver all your marketing and communications needs.

We design, create, manage and maintain a complete range of marketing and communications materials for our clients, including:

• Corporate identity and branding
• Traditional design, print and advertising
• Websites
• Multimedia presentations
• Video and motion graphics
• Animation
• Online marketing and promotion